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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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be a fan of Sin City Tattoos. we are nearly closing in on our one million mark! go ahead and click the link, only 999, 928 fans more to go. be the first million fan and i'll give you a full sleeve or back piece or leg piece FOR FREE! SERIOUSLY! ahahaha! so if you're not a fan of sin city tattoos yet, you're lame! but if you are already, you are hands down the coolest person in the world!;)

stars and some more stars

stars up there and stars down there. and some more stars coming up in different colors soon.:)

romans 6:23

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord"
Romans 6:32

and additional fighting for survival to his old tattoo. oooraaah!

this is spaaartaaaa!


this is madness! Serafin Malinao! tonight! we dine in hell! awooo! awooooo!

closing time episode 1

pang papaitan and pang ihaw. sarap nyan. dagdagan mo ng beer ayos na ayos to. ehehe.

north star

sin city tattoos = north star. if you're lost you know where to find us.;)


4flowers for her sisters and a spanish word that i have no clue what it means in english but i'm pretty sure it's something really nice.


what would jesus do? well, i guess he'll tell you to visit your local tattoo shop to get a tattoo and i bet he'd prefer it if you get inked at sin city tattoos. no doubt!:)

cover up part1

you know when we get so hammered and have no clue the morning after the big alcohol showdown?! in his case, that's what happened. he got a tattoo not knowing how he got it nor who did it for him. ehehe. he's quite lucky coz it's small and not so dark. he came to the shop to get a half-sleeve with the budget for the outline and shading to finish off in a couple of weeks. custom design that totoy drew up for him. nice clean outline and great layout. as usual;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


with joey gone because of another terrible bike accident and den's tattoo convention tour(love how it sounds, ehehe), i'm at the shop mondays thru saturday singing "ALL BY MYSELF! DON'T WANNA BE! ANYMORE" ahahaha. kidding aside, thank god i have totoy to back me up with all the things that has to be done at the shop. we did a couple of piercings(no pictures), tattoos(no pictures, forgot) and bunch of hennas(again, i forgot). had a few additions at the shop like for example the blinds that had to be installed to help reduce the summer heat. this coming week, stuff that i ordered abroad will be here like our thermal copier and i'm hella excited for it to come. so yeah! that's pretty much the update. hope to see you guys there.:)

hoping and praying for joey p's quick recovery.

Sin City Tattoos
Joey P



session 1 / 2

filling in for joey p's shoes is my boi totoy. he did this awesome manga black/gray. and this monday, tomorrow we will finish it off with colors and it's a wrap!:)

for his departed mum

the passing of someone who means a lot to us is a difficult experience even if the death is expected. may she find the light and rest in peace along with her departed family and friends.


a fellow artist, david griggs paid us a visit to get a tattoo and there it is tadaaaa!!! shout out to my cousin josh for the krispy kreme donuts! he's the good looking guy at the back. that's right cuz! show them your pearly whites! ehehe!

tragus piercing

tough girl! we salute you!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

sabado nights!

all we need is booze and it's a partae! ppshaaaw!

cover up

i'm running out of things to say. ahaha. anyway, tattoo cover up that they came up with and we just added and edited some of the stuff that had to be fixed. turned out nice and clean. and again gotta love den's new pose, joey's nice smile, miah's apple picking, jm's middle finger and his sister's cute pose.

tongue piercing

oh yeah brotha! gotta dig den's new pose! this one is for hallmark.

la familia

in addition to his half sleeve is his last name and wrist tattoo for the family. nicely done!