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Sunday, December 21, 2008


bong hitter (t-shirt)/ chef / instructor from portugal had his zodiac sign on his arm. keep the fire burnin....and we'll see you in your new resto soon...

mongolian barbecue

restauranters getting some ink done.....cant wait for their resto to open next year....asian fusion....good luck guys.

seeing stars

1....5...12....21...26..36.....41stars! WHEW! almost lost count. lovely, cute and sexy. props to her little son.....who rocked the beats...keep on drummin'

triple j.....3 brothers 1 love

J3 initials with their corresponding zodiacs. i feel pretty bad for joey on the picture, surrounded by muscles he shrunk his usual intimidating pose to a very awkward one. ehehe. i can't help but laugh. ahahaha!

who let the dogs out....

woof woof!


deep. very deep. so very deep.:)

bit swollen.

temporary solution for yuppies

mchs girls got some henna to get their ink fix....

om......elaine may

attorney at large elaine, told us if we get into trouble we should give her a call. days after, killed someone and now i'm out on bail. talk about hook ups! ahahaha. LOCO LANG AH! baka some of our readers might do something stupid after reading this post, ahaha.


i think she came just to see how things are gonna turn out for her friends but because of the consistent bullying she got a small virgo tattoo on her left pelvic, ehehe. love it!

seeing stars

added more stars....

custom cover up

a 10year old flower that we covered up with her own customized yinyang design.

navel piercing



a ballerina tattoo by our guest artist totoy

white tiger

due to schedule conflict and joey p's recent accident i had to call somebody else to do the job and thank god a good friend of mine totoy filled the spot for joey. the result?! hella good white tiger! kudos to totoy for a job well done!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

first lip tattoo

our first lip tattoo that got him screaming for JOOOOOY!!! ahaha. just kidding. we were amazed how this guy handled it without flinching or anything. we can't use stencil on this one so we did the name without it.

mi buena mano

tattooing might look easy but i'm telling you it's not easy to do most especially if your client tends to move a lot. i still have a lot to learn, techniques and skills to wield. thank god i have my masters to guide me thru it all and volunteers willing to get inked for life, ehehe.


tattoo calligraphy.

om mani padme hum

OM - meditation
MA - patience
NI - discipline
PAD - wisdom
ME - generosity
HUM - diligence

banner of peace

the banner of peace in the middle is the only tattoo i know. cant recall what to call the other two designs but for the sake of saying something i'm gonna call it crop circles. ehehe.


brought her own design which she made herself and gave them a mustache henna.

poetic poetess

touch of old english/gangster font
a rough font
fairy script font
mi clientes paboritos. ehehe. mali ata. anyway, these ladies got our engines running til almost 5 in the morning. we cranked up our sound system, drank gallons of water and with my non stop corny jokes that got us all through the night i would say everything went pretty damn well. HIGH FIVE EVERYONE!

nose piercing

if you're a bully or if you get bullied make sure you go to right place!

Sin City Tattoos
katipunan. kfc. ateneo gate 3. blueskies. bdo. across myplace. loyola heights condo.


simple and clean.

fate (chinese character)

the one you see below the chinese character was not made by us(im just saying).:) she wants us to do a touch up on her old tattoo and add some stuff to it next time.

hot rod pin-up

frisky! she loves to bend over if you want to get your car fixed. sweeet! anyway, about the tattoo! look at the detail of that! we used single needles for her tattoo and i think we used 5 or 6 colors on this one. see the quality of our work?! so don't get it done elsewhere! here at sincity tattoos we make quality. we always deliver!

industrial piercing

what can i say about this one?! uhm. . . OUCH!:)

oriental dragon session 2

oriental dragon
session 2 coloring(red/yellow)

careful looking at it too much because it can get you blind with its awesomeness. down to one last session we really cant wait to finish this up. smokes and scales are next in line. yeaah!!!