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Saturday, September 25, 2010


what goes up must come down. so, if you do good to others, you'll get the same treatment for sure. but if you treat people like crap then don't expect them to treat you any diffrerently. hehe. payback is a beach! hahaha:)

it's this and that

it's green. it's celtic. it's tribal. it's circle. it's on the leg. it's a girl. it's totoy's. it's cute. it's awesome.

Totoy's Inks and Needles

made in katipunan

they had to get their tattoos in two groups because nobody will be left at home to take care of the kids. so, after the first batch the second platoon followed.:)

Totoy's Inks and Needles

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


naks! love is the most powerful weapon a person can possess. ain't it?;)

Totoy's Inks and Needles

Monday, September 20, 2010


parang ballpen lang kaso hindi kc masakit. hehe:)

Totoy's Inks and Needles

ooooh paw print

tessa = mum

i think it was mother's day when he got this. SURPRISE!!!:)

Joey P's Inks and Needles

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

big guy

Jai Lewis of Rain or Shine(PBA). big ups to chris ross for the hook up!:)

Totoy's Inks and Needles


*Fastfood crew: Ano order nyo?
Man: 1 cheeseburger &
large softdrink.
Crew: D2 nyo po ba kakainin?
Man: Pwede ba sa table
na lang? nakakahiya may
nakapila sa likuran ko...


Totoy's Inks and Needles

Thursday, September 9, 2010



NAME: Madame
LAST NAME: Auring (haha)
ABILITIES: Fortune Telling. Sex Appeal.
WEAKNESS: Young Boys.
LAST SEEN: on tv with a scary nose job.
MISSION: Predict the future and have as many boyfriends as possible.

hahahaha. somebody please save her from embarrassment.

Totoy's Inks and Needles

will it?!

yes, it will!:)

Totoy's Inks and Needles

tattoo partae

what goes on at a tattoo party?! well, it's nothing but pure fun! jokes, teasing, making fun, booze, smokes, etc.. nothing but good vibes.

try it with your friends. we always leave people smiling. that's how we do it!;)

Totoy's Inks and Needles

first kid

things to do before giving birth:
1.) make sure your cellphone is fully charged
2.) pack your clothes
3.) bring your videocam/camera.
4.) get a wax
5.) baby stuff
6.) and of course! bring your husband down here at Sin City for last minute tattoo.;)

Totoy's Inks and Needles

Monday, September 6, 2010


ang mahiwagang payong.

Totoy's Inks and Needles

Saturday, September 4, 2010


dati star lang, ngayon may moon na. sa susunod ulap naman. ehehe:)

Joey P's Inks and Needles


joey pointing at the pandesal. you could tell from his face that he had the best 45mins of his life. nice one joey! ahaha:)

Joey P's Inks and Needles

Thursday, September 2, 2010


ohm-ish writing?!

Joey P's Inks and Needles


what hurts more than a tattoo? well, if you recently purchased an iphone and you end up breaking it because you want to play your own tunes while the artist is working on your tattoo and during the process the fan sucks the cord and sent it flying on the ground and as you pick it up and you check your phone out for damages and in your hands is now a week old slightly trashed iphone 3gs. imagine yourself getting kicked in the balls! damnnn. that hurts like hell. ahahaha. it's that bad:(

catch a deep breath and read that as fast as you can. ehehe;)

Totoy's Inks and Needles


while joey and totoy are working on their tattoos, they were both facing together, holding hands and eyes locked on each other seemingly lost in their own histrionic world. ahahaha. did that sound smart?! histrionic. nice. big ups to thesaurus.com. ahaha.

Joey P's & Totoy's Inks and Needles