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Sunday, May 31, 2009

now friends and family can stay over too!

if you see this humongous billboard and building just look accross the street and you'll see this
and when you see this good looking shop, don't be shy to come in.and you will be welcomed with open arms by these happy people with nothing but good vibes.;)

Sin City Tattoos
Joey P


"when 2 become 1" -spice girls

*getting her attention 101*
boy: my heart. . . your heart. . . together. . . forever and ever!
girl: aaaaaw baby. i love you!
boy: *owwrriigght!*

it works! get your hearts now at Sin City Tattoos and consider yourself a DADDEH!!!;)
HIGH FIVE! *clap*

visit our friend's art exhibit at Green Papaya in QC.

purple ink fiestaaa

"It's sumerian writing. The fourteen writings describe the characteristics of the well-loved sumerian goddess named inanna, who symbolizes the totality of feminine power and empowerment. :)" -camille


brought to you by:
Totoy's inks and needles

star gazing

stars! running out of things to say. ahahahaha!

cover up part2

session finished!

brought to you by:
Totoy's inks and needles


*how to be a punk 101*
after getting inked at your desired tattoo shop simply go outside, roll up your sleeves and taunt the first guy you see.
punk: hoy! laban ka! may tattoo ako! baka maupakan kita! tabiiiii!!! LAYAAAAS!
random guy: WAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! *pissed his pants and ran off the scene*

oh yeah! it works too!;)

all sorts of piercing

kame hame wave piercing! it almost killed him. so, please don't try this at home!

3 navels for mc pep

naveleasy as 1-2-3!;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


even the clown was saddened after hearing the news that our very own Joey P busted his hand AGAIN! damn it! when will it end?! boy-oh-boy! he surprised me at home last saturday with his golden right hand well wrapped with bandage. haaay. we feel really bad for our boi! let's all PRAY FOR HIS SAFETY AND SPEEDY RECOVERY! i guess my prayers weren't good enough, so please include joey in your prayers!

Sin City Tattoos
Joey P
with guest Totoy


lovingly yours, Sin City Tattoos

god bless these two for having their names tattooed on each others flesh. via tattoo, they are exchanging their vows and showing their commitment and eternal love for one another! it's a rare thing nowadays.:) *standing ovation* *claps*

the whole gang

in german
people that stays together, gets a tattoo that will last forever. AMEN!


monday/may 11
kanji tattoo we did last monday and a symbol tattoo we did last saturday. the kanji tattoo looks hella drryy while the other one looks fressssh.


people might get the idea that we are not doing hennas anymore, so i present you exhibit a A& B. ok?! there! it's just i prioritize tattoo and piercing photos more than this.

nose piercing

in addition to her grillz. ehehe. cute. so if you want to be cute, get a piercing at Sin City Tattoos because if you get it elsewhere it's NOT CUTE! NOR COOL! get it?!;)

skull with mohawk

rough sketch design.:)


red horse muziklaban 08 winner! with the band vocalist dyanne.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

intenze colors

took us around 6hours to finish this. so, we all went home around 3am in the morning. good thing we don't have work on sundays. whew! anyway, we used two sets of blue, yellow, orange, red and a bit of white. hella good design that deserved a hella good inks and and a shop full of talents!;)

prayers for our friend edwin who had to go back to australia for his heart operation due to abnoramalities of his heart rate. we pray for the success of your surgery and quick recovery.

Sin City Tattoos
Joey P
with guest Totoy


kanji touch up

touch up on his old tattoo that sort of looked like a henna. now, you definitely could tell that it is a tattoo! thanks to us! *bow bow bow* ehehehe.

with special guest
Totoy's inks and needles

ankle tat

testosterone boys doing their wacky naughty-naughty photoshoot! RAAAWWRR!;)

with special guest
Totoy's inks and needles