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Monday, November 28, 2011

aw aaw awwooooooooooooooo!!!

with eric scheduled for a long sitting, me and the guys were selfish enough to leave him for some fun time at enchanted kingdom. we got in the gates with blood shot eyes, we sat and killed every ride with happy eyes. soaked with dirty water from jungle log jam we drove back to brentville hungry but when i saw the sick piece that eric did i totally forgot how hungry i was. ganda! galing. hanep. HIM ALREADY! the client was so satisfied that he bought us dinner at army navy. yummmy. burgerpalooooza! and now i'm salivating for one! dammit! hahahaha. later.:)

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family first.

Eric's Inks and Needles


messed up jeans brought to you by green soap and kuro sumi outline.

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Eric's Inks and Needles

first born

love with no limits, no boundaries.:)

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Mr Dex Fernandez

Operating on various layers of meaning, the practice of ornamentation in the hands of Dex Fernandez turns into a play of signs that collide to construct new associative concepts, where the third meaning subsequently produced illuminating previously unseen messages.

Fernandez works with found images and material that he collages together to create fantastical figurative compositions, adding further to the mix is another skin inscribed with personal design, esoteric languages, chimera, and imaginary landscapes, all of which serve to create a labyrinth of possibilities. His interest lies on the investigation of found memories and its deconstruction through transformative appropriation. Dex Fernandez, lives and works in Manila, Philippines


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Friday, November 4, 2011

with wings

pain is only in the mind. if your mind is weak, you will feel pain like in the same level as heartbreak. hahahaha.

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Vincent Van Gogh

just like the painting itself, it's a masterpiece! we had 4pans of 14inch pizzas that almost got us on coma. thanks kristy and tin. we hope to see you all again. let's have burgers or pasta next time. hahahaha.;)

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true love;)

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tugs tugs tugs tugs.

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iniibig ko ang Pilipinas.

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now fly!

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walking along side with God wherever you go.:)

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Joey on his comeback tour. hehehe;)

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

marriage ceremony

part 1: signing of the waiver form.
part 2: putting on the stencil.
part 3: rite of passage;)
part 4: the appreciation of each individual marks.
part 5: photo op!
FINALE: honeymoon.;)

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i remember my boy scout days, we were taught how the whole compass works. forgot how to read it after so many years. forgive me scout master! hahaha. but who needs it if you have google maps, gps gadgets or downloadable gps apps in appstore. now, go get lost somewhere in the woods and see if it actually works! hehehe.

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