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Thursday, July 23, 2009

and so it begins

by Joey P

by Totoy

our other lamp died so the boys were all cramped up in the rear end. but the quality of their work won't make any difference even with their eyes closed. ehehehe. both of them endured 4hours of JOY AND FUN!;)

Sin City Tattoos
Joey P


cherry + touch up


too lazy to flip the picture. hope you guys don't get a stiff neck looking. ahahaha.

she likes, he likes

by Joey P
by Totoy

the thing about tattoos is whenever we get something it's always something that we like, something that has meaning to us, something that inspires us, something that makes us laugh, hope, etc. and in their case; she loves chulo *giggles* and he likes TOOOOT *wink wink*. ehehehehe.


just so you guys know, we still do henna! it's just i don't take photographs of our hennas anymore. alright?! OWRIGH!


is what they feel after the ink session. fo-sho-yo!;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2legal and 1under age

i questioned the other guy's age because he looks really really young to get a tat but then the mom came in out of nowhere and said "I'M THE MOM!", and for a second there we thought we were gonna get our asses kicked. ahahaha. she's all cool about everything, just told us not to give his baby boy a tat on his forearm and to keep it somewhere they both agreed on putting. we finished before their flight back to lalaland.

all sorts

no group picture so you all have to share one thread. actually, that's just an excuse because it will save me a lot of time if put these all in one posting. ehehehe.

totoy's ink and needles

we had a hard time putting on the celtic stencil on her wrist because everything should be symmetric, straight and not stretched. so, after almost one hour of trial and error we finally made it. ahahaha.

black revolver

after hearing the news that her sister's condition is benign, she immediately got a revolver tattoo. nobody will question her with this one for sure. if someone you know is really sick and just waiting for the death bed you'll get that feeling that you just want to blow your brains out. thus, getting revolver inked behind her ear. but if the case is the other way around, never go for the real thing! alright! get inked instead. ehehehe.



PLUS! cartilage, but forgot to take a photo of it. dammit!

tattoo virgin

maannnnn! i will never forget about this one! we haven't even started with the inking yet and she was already in pain, her morale was so low and she was screaming-grunting-cursing out loud. but in the end, she endured everything! given all that, must say that we're really proud of her! way to go!;)


seated posture that's why her ink is a little bit curvish and painting tattoo for david.

stars will fall

dammit! i really am running out of things to say. maybe because i've done hundreds of blogs about stars and i just just just . . . . see?! can't even finish the sentence . ahahaha!

3months late

i think i'm 3 months late with this one. ahahaha. sorry for the late posting. anyway, even though this one has 4stars we added the 5th star about a month ago.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

MR and MRS

till death do us part.;)