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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

definition of QUALITY!

i have so much things to say about this one BUT i'm gonna let the tattoo do the talking for me.

Sin City Tattoos
Joey P


fleur de lis


fleur de lis touch up/pimped out design. the tail is symmetric. she kinda pushed her fingers closer to the tat that's why the right tail looks shorter. . . just so we're clear about that. ehehe.

because of her very conservative parents we can't show her face nor mention her name. but i guess i can give out clues. so all parents out there LET'S PLAY! IS THAT MY DAUGHTER?!
okay mom and dad. here are the clues. she plays ultimate frisbee and currently resides somewhere around alabang. she's pretty and cute too. if you have the answer feel free to ram your daughter's door down and check it out yourself if she has that tattoo above. if you have the right answer, your daughter will win a roundtrip ticket to ass whooping! waaahahahahaha!

air jordan

wrong shoes for the tattoo. but hey! no matter what kicks you have on, you still have air jordan logo in your skin. so i'm pretty sure even if you're walking or running or playing in bare feet it will still feel like jordans! minus the blisters and flapping calluses. wahaahahha!

papa bear henna

ej(her boyfriend) will seriously love this one! right?! right?! RIGHT!:)

reposting our geisha ink

finally! a much better picture than the last time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sin City Crew

please check out our facebook page. i will also update it with the stuff that we do there at the shop. go ahead and click it! be a fan of Sin City Tattoos. Thanks!

family first

standing 6 foot 1, a former Marshall U player in the US NCAA and picked No. 1 overall in this year’s PBL draft, a soon to be PBA's young gun! *DRUM ROLL* CHHRRRRRIIIIISSSSS ROOOOOOOSSSS! *shredded panties as confettis*

chris told us to draw up a rosary design for him and we came up with this which he liked immediately. and since we're buddies i gave him free touch up of his old tattoo. hook ups yo! free basketball game tickets coming right up!


royalty treatment for the queen herself. she arrived 10am and i opened 11:45am, she wanted to get a tattoo and told her we couldn't do her tattoo yet because of clients scheduled for that day. so she waited til 9:00pm for it. ehehe. all that wasted energy, cut class, school allowance, etc. paid off really well for her. BECAUSE IN SIN CITY! WE MAKE QUALITY!;)

dos angelitos

left: still swollen
right: and not so swollen

forearm tattoos that den drew up for ries(sol mercado's cousin). 5STARS FOR US! dito sa sin city tattoos BAWAL ANG PANGET! ehehe

Sin City Tattoos
Joey P



inked before flight to sydney, australia.

props to our friend VINCENT VARIAS for the phoenix design.

oriental chest 3/4 sleeve


a touch up/cover up
take 1/3

a tattoo he got from recto 2 years ago. we fixed the outline and added some stuff to it. we told him beforehand that it won't look good if we don't do a touch up on the dragon and leaving half of the dragon on his back untouched but because he's gonna get a back piece it's gonna get covered up anyway, so no worries for us.

wind bar/clouds/water/cherry blossoms/lotus/koi/
black/gray/and few extra colors.

we're all excited for session2

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a month for all lovers


---get a tattoo and your significant other gets a half off discount!---

1.) must be 18+ above
- of course
2.) must kiss in front of us
- just so we know you guys are legit.


paru-parung bukid

after the first one never in my mind thought that she'll be back after a very very memorable shocking experience at the shop. ahaha. but she got another nonetheless.

a lil clue about what happened last time; check the guy out on the left photo. ahahahaha. kimi(center) and den with those batting eyes. ahaha.

polynesian turtle

right calf

a bunch of tongue piercings

tongue piercing week. whoever it was who took this picture THANK YOU! i don't remember this at all. it's only picture i have among the ones i did.