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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

we. heart. stars.

Totoy's Ink and Needles
Joey P's Ink and Needles

SIGH! in a brink of breaking down, these two girls saved me from destruction. ahahaha. that is one of the many things you get to appreciate in life, a total random act of kindness! such sweethearts! haaay. they did make me feel good but things went to shitter when they left. couldn't rely on the boys, they were pretty busy hitting those ps3 controllers. waahahahahaha.

Sin City Tattoos
if the boss is contemplating it's best you ignore the mofo

long neck

kiddie giraffe drawing with japanese words.

Joey P's Ink and Needles

veronica ambigram

check totoy's face out! ahahaha. may langaw taina isara mo bibig mo loco! wahaahahahaha!

Joey P's Ink and Needles

ganesha and koi

Joey P's Ink and Needles
Totoy's Ink and Needles

Sin City Tattoos
Joey P



had a hard time taking a photo of this one because of all the wrinkly lines and swell.

lotus flower

maannnnn! that's one good looking flower! NICE!

celtic cross

we ain't no sinners! see?! we can still do something holy with our hands! 0:)

terradactyl henna

hope i spelled that right. wahahahaha.

S nights

another scorpion for him and a star for her.


one for her little boy, one for her and one for the husband. ain't that nice and sweet?! haaay.:)

bulaklak at ang paro-paro

her mom gave me a call overseas and sent me a consent thru fax so that her daughter can get a tattoo. given that her sister is beyond her legal age who stood as her guardian and mom's approval, we started pushing them g clef vines, rose and butterfly. i know it looks unmistakably pretty! right?! hellz yeah! ehehehe.;)

stars and diamond

whenever someone gets a star tattoo they usually symbolize aspirations and loved ones. diamonds is a lil bit different from that, it means beauty, wealth, strenght and the idea of forever and ever with your significant other. those are the things that makes your tattoos stand out from others, they all have meanings!

Totoy's Ink and Needles


think this one is a sanskrit of la bella vita.

Totoy's Ink and Needles


navel x 3
ear x 2


kinda funny how all of us were all wearing white shirt.

Joey P's Ink and Needles