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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ang Baybayin o Alibata (alam sa Unicode bilang Tagalog script o panitik na Tagalog) ay isang lumang paraan ng pagsulat ng mga kayumanggingPilipino (mga salitang katutubo sa kapuluan ng Pilipinas) bago pa nakarating sa kapuluan ang mga dayongKastila. Ito ay supling sa panulat Kavi(gaya ng sa LCI 822 A.D.) na paraan ng pagsulat ng mga taga-Java at iba pang bahagi ng Timog Silangang Asya. Ito ay bahagi ng sistema o pamamaraang Brahmic (na nagsimula sa eskrito o sagisag na Sanskrit) at pinaniniwalaang ginagamit noong ika-8 siglo sa pulo ng Luzon.. Ito ay nasaksihan na ginagamit sa mga kapuluan ng Pilipinas ng mga Kastila nuong ika 16 na siglo. Ang ibang kahalintulad na mga paraan ng pagsulat ay ang mga Hanunóo, Buhid, at Tagbanwana nanatili paring gamit sa kasalukuyan sa nasabing pangkat. Ang salitang baybayin sa kasalukuyang wikang Tagalog ay katunayang nangangahulugan ng pagsulat ng mga titik ng isang salita, o "to spell" sa wikang Ingles.

now you know?! APIRRR!

Totoy's Inks and Needles

general luna

General Luna is;
Bea - drums (CHECK)
Audry - Guitars (CHECK)
Nicole - vox (WOW)
Caren - guitars (CHECK)
Alex - Bass (CHECK)

damnnnn. all these girls are WAAAPPISSSSSH material, rockstar material but for all who dreams on having the same lifestyle this song is for you.;)

Joey's Inks and Needles


something about greece;
1.) greeks started the olympics.
2.) greece has the most wonderful sunset.
3.) athens, greece is one of the top cities to live in.
4.) they consume a lot of cheese which makes you fart a lot. ehehehehe.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

aussie bunch

the L and The Pussy. meow!

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cutest kids in the world

isabelle and hugo. totoy's first tattoo on den's right arm.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010


okay kids. let's sing.;)

Fly fly fly, butterfly
In the meadow it’s flying high
In the garden it’s flying low
Fly, fly, fly, oh butterfly

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

san miguel

ang tunay na lalake ay may tattoo! macho ka na pare! ehehe. APIR!;)

Monday, June 21, 2010

only HE

there's an exclusivity for this tattoo for he can only see and not you.


1.) Holy Man - yes, it's definitely GOD!
2.) Kids - there's an eye!!!
3.) My Granny - tattoos are for hoodlums.
4.) Queer Eye - only he can see? mmm sino yan ha. CHARING!

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elbow tattoo? ohm no! it's on her ankle. ohm yes!

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tag team match

Joey's Inks and Needles

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buhbye AT

*pumps a shotgun* hasta la vista, baby! *kabooom*

aaaw mannn. she's so over you. damnnn. bye bye!

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all at once

a female first timer who got three right away. beat that! to all the guys who keeps asking if it hurts a lot, man up and stop being a pussy! it's embarrassing. ahahaha.

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it's 2:25am here in manila. thinking of a good food to eat but too lazy to get off my bed. sigh

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calendar note

a date to remember. must be their anniversary. ehehe. i wonder what came down after seeing the present. uhmmmmmmm. i guess it's safe to safe that god only knows what went down!;)

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to infinity and beyond

the idea of forever and ever is just awesome but whenever something awful happens the bond breaks and becomes a total shit storm. so, let's hug it out people. GROUP HUG!!!:)

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Sunday, June 13, 2010


i visit our website everyday, check if someone made an inquiry and always followed thru. blogwise, i haven't really had the chance to do it on a daily basis. i'm working on our new internet connection at the shop because our old internet service provider has retired. once our new internet connection is up and running i would be able to do my blogging at work. that am sure of! you can count on it!;)

my sincere apologies to those who has been waiting for their pictures to get posted.

Sin City Tattoos



WOOHOOOOO. hello 2010. our early january bling. big ups to John for the artwork.

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manananggal(self-segmenter) is one of those filipino mythological creatures that has freaked us while growing up. while the upper body is in flight the other half remains on the ground unless she has a flying shoes on. hahaahahha. anyway, it's not a manananggal. it's an angel! waaaaahahahahaha.:)

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zen master

let's all find our zen by meditating. alright. we begin with;
1.) sit down with your legs crossed maintaining a nice good posture.
2.) close your eyes and start taking a few slow deep breaths.
3.) *yawns* zzzzZZZZZZzzzZzzZzzzzZZzzzZZzzzzzZZZzZzzzZ

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