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Sunday, November 23, 2008

a lion, a heart, and a cross

we finished late when we did his 2 tattoos. he had the tribal lion made on his left calf and a heart with a cross on his rib cage. i wonder whats next for this guy! ehehe.


are you up for a smoke?! well coop is!



family always comes first! AMEN!

falling stars

she got stars along with its dust and we also did a touch up on her g clef tattoo she got from somewhere else. we let her choose 10 colors from our intenze ink library and she assigned every color for each of the stars, talk about FREEDOM!;)


these surfer girls are among the nicest and funniest clients that we had at the shop. they never ran out of things to say which is good because if you hang with these two, things will never be boring. oh! i've never heard of anyone speak of Manuel L. Quezon like he's one of the hottest icon in existence, very unusual to hear! ahaha. AYOS! APIR!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

just another day at the shop


jake the snake

JOEY! HAS! TALENT! freehand henna. imagine what we can do if its the real thing. anyway, this guy originally wanted a lizard but we told him it would be much better if it's a snake instead. he trusted us to do the job and it went really well. you can fool someone with this from afar that it is a tattoo and not henna.

A to the Z....

hailing from phoenix arizona, a big fan of the suns(BOOO! GO LA!;)) this guy had his/her soon to be born baby inked on his skin. one cool dude right here. goodluck with your band. cheers!

3stars 1sun


this guy wanted to get oriental sleeve but he had doubts with JOEY P's talent! *sigh* so he tested him out with this small cross in the middle of his chest and the result?! he wants our joey p to do his oriental sleeve!!! definitely not surprised there. ;) here in SIN CITY TATTOOS, WE MAKE QUALITY! damn right!:)


it took her a while to choose which color to get. hot pink?! black? purple?! when she picked the purple we already knew it would turn out great. since she has a very light skin the ink blended on her skin very nicely!

chalice cross

she got bullied by her friends for this one. ehehe.

scorpion king

our security on duty had his previous scorpion(black) covered up by another scorpion(colored).

Saturday, November 8, 2008

tough and busy week

it has been almost a week since i have updated our blogsite and it has been a very tough and busy week for us. considering the fact that some of the universities around the area have'nt come back from break, but who's complaining?! DEFINITELY NOT US!:) a lot more in store for sin city's future. december is almost here and our REDBULL is ALWAYS READY FOR SLEEPLESS NIGHTS! cheers!

thank you for your continuous support.


custom necklace-ish bracelet-ish cross

it took us 3 1/2 hours to finish this, it looks simple but there was a lot of work to be done on this piece. anyway, im not too fond of posting my tattoo but it's REALLY BLEEPING GREAT TATTOO! ehehe. i guess the bottom line is i dont want people to get the exact same thing but it is for the greater good of sin city tattoos. enjoi.:D -miah

commercial break


EPISODE 1: pilot
*about to get killed by zombies outside the shop*

miah: joey whatever happens lets stick together!(oh shiit stick together!!!WAAAAH!!!) we have higher chances of surviving if we dont split up!
joey: OKAY! LET'S HOLD HANDS!(gay moment. ahaha!)

*and cut!*


Bassist Joey's painful pleasures got him 2 tattoos and one lip piercing. hailing from lalaland, it is our pride and joy to show our works worldwide.

nautical star

fine lining and color brought to you by 54 colors intenze inks. oh yes! you heard me!

pimped alibata

apprenticeship. with Master Quaigon (joey) on his side, annakin (den) is learning to wield the power of the force. master yoda was delighted to see that his paddawan added a little bit of pimping on his first piece.

love, faith and hope

brought his own arabic design love, faith and hope.

2 birds 1 stone

custom 3 stars and a sun. with their initials and cross filled with our flag colors which are the red, the blue and the yellow. another 2 happy clients of Sin City Tattoos.

eternal commitment

the high level of love and commitment for their vows had her husband's name tattooed on her wrist. L-O-V-E. SSOOOWWEEEEEETTT!!!:)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jesus is my homeboy

our latest addition to our shop portfolio. a drive-by pit stop that got Norman G inked for life. Another first timer that wanted to check out the shop and found a flash he really liked. It was late and it had to be done, so we locked down the place, tied and gagged him and went to work. when it was done the smiling Jesus had graced our shop. With his faith in god, he earned his freedom and got released around 2am-3am. can i get an amen?! AMEN!!!