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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


NAME: Solomon Mercado
BIRTHDATE: May 6, 1984
POSITION: Shooting Guard
TEAM: Rain or Shine

Sol's game always reminds me of a mini LeBron specially when he drives through them bigs wether he penetrates to score or dish to an open teammate. Dude got some serious game. Got that bounce off the dribble, fearless, does'nt shy away from contact. Steady improvement from his first year. When his jump shot is on he's nearly impossible to stop. Dude drop 45 points when he caught fire! Him & Gabe is my fav 1-2 punch in the league. I'll continue to support Rain or Shine which has become my 2nd fav team. Much success & stay injury-free! -Neazyofthaheezy

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twoo holy

hinduism vs roman catholic
FIGHT! hehe:)

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since 1925

a sunday special request from our APO brethren. no paddle and blindfold, just machines and needles. hehe:)

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shades of gray

they smell so good, they look stunningly beautiful but they can cut or puncture you that could leave a mark on your skin, just like women. waaahahahahhaha.;)

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epal ung nasa likod ni totoy ung ni totoy. sino ba yan? pasira!

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my lab rat. hehehe. the beginning of my so called apprenticeship, with my masters Joey P, Totoy and Eric D giving me lessons and advices on how to make things better. HIGH FIVE TO ALL!!!:)

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

seeing is believing

good morning bohol!

things to do:
get shitfaced
and kill dolphins! hahahaahaha;)

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the red, the yellow, the green

for some people or i guess for most people, they think that rasta colors has something to do with smoking herbs but the truth is it has nothing to do with it. each color has it's own representation like red for blood, yellow for gold and green for land. although our rastafarian brothers use those funky herbs to drive the bad spirits away from their body! nice eh?! hahahaha. now, if you feel something evil inside of you, i guess it would help if you smoke? mmmmmm. according to our local policemen, NO! hahaahahhaha

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Sunday, October 10, 2010


hi everyone! this is christine. christine, meet everyone. hehe:)

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what's it like to fall under deep sleep? it's like

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it's ariel! she's hot but not as hot as belle of beauty and the beast. however, the crab singing under the sea is hilarious but not as hilarious as mr krabs. hehe


effing rain! just had my car washed. fcuk!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

1, 2, 3.

stars in full color

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

broken home

left ankle - dad and daughter
right ankle - mom and son
side palm - her initial

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rated R

it's almost 3am and we're still here at the shop working on a tattoo since noon. i'm just staring at a sticker on our glass shelf that says SABOGANGTAEMO while jack johnson is playing in the background. dela rosa is pretty quiet at this time except for the non stop buzzing sound of the machine and snoring of our security guard. my brain is about to shutdown. tired, sleepy and stress. . . . . must. . stay a. . . w. . a. k. . . . e.

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