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Friday, October 31, 2008

photography sessions

courtesy of our new found friend byron who has incredible photography skills and his runway protege yas. :) kudos to you both! go to http://www.djosephbyron.multiply.com/ for more.

location. services. contacts.

ADDRESS: unit 107b number 23 f. de la rosa, loyola heights condominium, loyola heights, qc
LANDMARKS: gate 3 ateneo, KFC, blueskies and just across myplace
SERVICES: custom tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, cover ups, tattoo supplies/equipment, henna, body piercing, tattoo removal and clothing.
CONTACT US: miah 09178378471 miah218@yahoo.com, den 09178559497 den@circusclothes.com

Thursday, October 30, 2008

our lucky first

our first piece in our establishment and also her first tattoo("ALIBATA"). she had it done vertically, not the norm for alibata but the customer is always right, right?! so basically what the client wants he/she gets! we feel so humbled that of all the places where she could have had it done she had chosen us and for that i had to give her a hug for it was very emotional moment for me and because of the fact that she was our first too, a very maalaala mo kaya moment, ahaha. she got it really cheap too!:D big ups to brenda, a one overwhelmingly satisfied client of sin city tattoos. youre already tattooed in our hearts. corny ko. im out! up up and awaaaaay!!!


our outmost respect for our artist JOEY P.!!! *standing ovation*

and so it begins. . .

ooooh gloooowwyyy effeccctttt. if you think our sticker is WICKED!!! wait til you see what's inside the shop.
INTENZE 54 COLORS. our boxes of needless ranges from liners, shaders, magnums, round magnums from 1 - 49 needles all NEW all disposable, some left undisplayed due to lack of space.
our pressure cooker for our bulalo and rice cooker. ahaha. kidding aside, what youre seeing on your left is the autoclave and on your right is the ultrasonic cleaner. clean, sterile so therefore safe! AYOS! APIR!
night lights.

Monday, October 27, 2008

portraits for the shop

we had an idea of having portraits instead of snapshots of our clients on our walls.
photography by my dad, eentdoc.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Finishing an 8 year sleeve

This is the first big piece we have done in-store. This is to finish an oriental sleeve started by Brad from inkpit tattoo, in Adelaide Australia.

Concept for a concept store

We wanted to stick to an old-school hot rod theme for the store. Pin ups and pinstriping, and the traditional red, white and black colour pallete.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Flights of fancy

The swallow was supposed to be coloured, but we wanted to keep it clean. The stop and go technique made it practically painless.

Bad Religion

Joey, cranked this design with his signature white lines. The minimal splash of red and white made the greywash pop.

killer panda

tiny panda on the pelvic for our fil-australian brother.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Test Drivin'

This is the work of our talented artist, Joey. We had him run some freehand black and grey flames to get a taste of his awesome skills. After an hour of outline, power lines and shading we know we have found our man.

This is it...

Hello everyone. This is the future site of "SIN CITY TATTOOS AND BODY PIERCING", Located at Loyola Heights, Quezon City Philippines.
The former Alteration shop will go under the needle for a full cover up, to become a haven for body art.

We will be offering Tattoos, Hennas, Cosmetic, Cover ups, Touch ups, Tattoo removal, Body Piercing, Merchandise, Accessories, Tattoo and Body Piercing equipment and supplies.

Our aim for the shop is to be as professional and as open minded to the needs our clients.

COMING THIS OCTOBER 2008....see you there.