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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

what is love?!


it may not be the best choice but we strongly respect their decision when love is in the way. love comes in all forms and names are always on top of the list! we just hope and pray that they stay in love forever. hehe;)

let's eat! grab a slice. kowabunga!

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peace be with you


it's like the hangover movie! no memory of anything. hahaha. from right Johnny Depp, Richard Gere and Brandon Roy.

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fire dance

kung fu style! waataaaaaaaah! ;)

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wonder girls ;)

peace and love

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Went to the doctors. She saw my " I love beer" tattoo. All she said was " My drunken tat is of just one word. "Cornnuts.". Then said Mexico was "awesome." And sent me on my way. Yeah. She's my favorite doctor.

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hot stuff


3 tattoos would be a good start. colorful tattoos would blend perfectly well on a good white skin.

for kickass looking tattoos take Likas Papaya to achieve whiter and smooth skin. hahaha. now available in stock! hahahaha.

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getting busy.

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cover up work

the only thing i remember from this night was i drank too much beer. eric worked on this for 8hours i think. congratulations on the baby guys! CHEERS!

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in the name of


i promised myself that i'm gonna do something about our blog today. so here's the continuation of last year's session.  REJOICE EVERYONE for today i am a freeman! hahaha.

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