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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

live, love, laugh


hustler's skate

just another night at Sin City

Den's Ink and Needles

her last name

i love you kim! you're the best. here's our pic;)

major make over part1



the boy from DISTRICT9 had his full sleeves done in dubai and things turned out the way he didn't expect it to be. BUT all is well since the boys of Sin City Tattoos are just in time to save his arm from getting amputated. smart move!;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

teacher! teacher!

they set a perfect example for the kids. keep an open mind children, this is not prison tattoos. alright?! cool. 5stars for all!

ooh shweet namann!

something for her baby girl. her name marked forever on his skin. that's better than BOYSEN acrytex. forever and ever babe! oooh-weeeee! *giggles*


CAUTION: mainit yan. mapaso ka.


nanay? tatay? gusto kong tinapay gusto kong kape! lahat ng gusto ko ay ibibigay nyo, TATTOO!


tongue x 1
tongue x 1

tunnel x 2
tongue x 2
tongue x 1
ear lobe x 2
navel x 1
tongue x 2
tongue x 2
tongue x 2
tongue x 2
tongue x 1
tongue and lip


cartilage x 4

don't stop believing

a birthday present for herself

siamese fish

david got a sanskrit while sid got a fish? ehehe. forgot about it. whatever it is, it's one good looking fish-fish-fish!;)


front thigh

caduceus dragon / dark angel

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Joey P's Ink and Needles

over a month late. sorry for the delay. :D