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Friday, February 26, 2010

peace on earth

"Stop the war, NOT PEACE!" -Tracy Torres

she's quite special, isn't she?! ehehehe.:)

Corazon, su esposa

listening to
Nirvana - Polly
Polly wants a cracker. Think I should get off her first.
I think she wants some water. To put out the blow torch. It isn't me.

(Chorus) We have some seed. Let me clip. Your dirty wings.
Let me take ride. Don't hurt yourself. I want some help.
To help myself. I've got some rope. You have been told.
I promise you. I have been true. Let me take a ride.
Don't hurt yourself. I want some help. To help myself.

Polly wants a cracker. Maybe she would like more food.
She asks me to untie her. A chase would be nice for a few.


Polly says her back hurts. And she's just as bored as me.
She caugh me off my guard. It amazes me, the will of instinct.


Totoy's Ink and Needles

Statue de la Liberte

the statue liberty that he got back in the US and gave us the pleasure to add fireworks as a background for his liberty. it's like the fourth of july, fireworks everywhere.

Totoy's Inks and Needles


how to look like a gangsta 101
1.) word tattoo on your forearm.
2.) the list goes on

whaaaadduuuup yo?!

Totoy's Inks and Needles

ouchy ouchy ouchy

a good spot to make you cringe and curse. F BOMBS EVERYWHERE! ooooh yueeaaaaah! ahahaha.;)

Totoy's Inks and Needles

anchor's away

hellooo! it's been a long time uh?! well, i've been busy doing some other stuff. don't you worry, all your tattoos will be posted but it will take sometime for me to do it. hang in there.;)

angkla sa ankle

Totoy's Inks and Needles