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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

fleur de lis


fleur de lis touch up/pimped out design. the tail is symmetric. she kinda pushed her fingers closer to the tat that's why the right tail looks shorter. . . just so we're clear about that. ehehe.

because of her very conservative parents we can't show her face nor mention her name. but i guess i can give out clues. so all parents out there LET'S PLAY! IS THAT MY DAUGHTER?!
okay mom and dad. here are the clues. she plays ultimate frisbee and currently resides somewhere around alabang. she's pretty and cute too. if you have the answer feel free to ram your daughter's door down and check it out yourself if she has that tattoo above. if you have the right answer, your daughter will win a roundtrip ticket to ass whooping! waaahahahahaha!

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