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Sunday, May 10, 2009

safety pin

52 uses of Safety Pins
  • 1) use as a replacment earing/body jewelry
  • 2) take out splinters, ouch i hate doing that!
  • 3) keep your ripped sweatshirt together (hey, it werks really good, and i look fashionable too)
  • 4) necklace/braclet (be like me)
  • 5) make a strand of ten, you got yerself a spiffy bookmark
  • 6) make a strand of 20, a rad ruler
  • 7) wallet chain
  • 8) a saftey pin is a good lock pick
  • 9) replacment for a toothpick (be careful, it can hurt)
  • 10) a pile of saftey pins can be used as a nice shiny paper weight
  • 11) use in place of a missing button on pants/shorts
  • 12) paper hole puncher (really small holes)
  • 13) decorate shoes
  • 14) use a safety pin to scrape of old nail polish off fingers
  • 15) replacement for a push-pin
  • 16) super tiny mirror
  • 17) quick and easy guitar pick
  • 18) stick worm on saftey pin when fishing and viola, you have a nice afordable fishin' hook
  • 19) keep lose buttons together
  • 20) safety pins are fun to paint
  • 21) safety pins are great zipper pullers and decorations
  • 22) stick some in your enemies tire
  • 23) use instead of staple
  • 24) use instead of paper clip
  • 25) great fer picking lose change out of vending machines
  • 26) great cleaner for underneath finger nails
  • 27) easy to conceal weapan...heh heh.....
  • 28) hook 100 safety pins together - great dog leash
  • 29) hook about 25 together - great dog collar
  • 30) nice tool to use when proding and electrical outlet
  • 31) good paper cutter
  • 32) use safety pins to keep muffler together
  • 33) you can create a strong magnetic charge around the safety pin...and attach the safety pin to the car...and then touch the muffler to the safety pin and voila!!!
  • 34) use to pick nose.. Be very careful!!
  • 35) great to sharp object to poke voodoo doll (note from webmasteri do not advocate this in any way)
  • 36) get rid of nasty earwax build up
  • 37) use to hang clothes on laundry line, when a clothes pin is broken
  • 38) place on chair of ex b/f, g/f, or friend
  • 39) do your sofa's have arm chair covers? are they always falling off? well, use the great safety pin to keep them on!
  • 40) Hook a whole lot (maybe about 200) together to make some christmas tree streemers.
  • 41) You can use them to put patches on your clothes. Dude, OF COURSE!
  • 42) You can connect about 1000 together and make chain mail suits
  • 43) they can be used as a neck tye.
  • 44) Put cheese and sausage on them and they can be party favors or whatever.
  • 45) save money on costly hospital stitches and use some safety pins instead.
  • 46) sell the patent to someone else for a quick buck, then watch in terror as they become a millionaire..
  • 47) a chick at my school sewed a lot of safety pins together with wire and made it into a dress that she wore to prom... true story, too
  • 48) use safety pins to keep the strap from falling off your bass/guitar when playing
  • 49) really desperate for some piercings?
  • 50) write notes to yourself when you dont have paper &/or pen
  • 51) helps keep the fly on board shorts closed
  • 52) scratch up your enemy's car when you dont have any keys on hand
  • 53) wonderful cat toy

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