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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sin City Blogger Version2.5

Dear Sinners,

i just upgraded our website with new cool stuff in it. like polls, google searach, number of people online, viewer's location and the most important thing i did was i added a chat bar below the internet browser window. you see, they can now chat with us whenever we're online and they don't even have to sign in. all they have to do is write their nick names and that's it, but if they're hella lazy to do it there's always a predefined guest name for chat. ain't that the coolest?! if they don't catch us online then they can still leave us a message through our shout out application.

people might get the idea that we're not doing tattoos, piercings and hennas here anymore because there hasn't been any updates lately. i'm speeding up and catching up on uber late postings of clients we've done. i haven't even began our 2010 portfolio but i'm working on it. really REally REALLY! this time it's for real. i'm only 5months behind, used to be 7months. ahahaha. *long pause* oh! i gotta go, SEX AND THE CITY is on tv. waaahahahahahaha. kidding aside, have to get going. have to do this and that. so, just stick around and read the thousands of blogs i've made. if you see something interesting that's good. if you see someone you like let me know maybe i can introduce you to that person. it's not just for tattoos and piercings, it's for dating as well. ahahahahahaha. later:)

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