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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sin City Family

i never thought things would be like this at the pink building in dela rosa street, katipunan. we're currently a year and 9month old and only 3months away from our 2nd year anniversary. can you believe it?! neither can i. ahaha. it just seems like it was yesterday we were busy painting walls, liftings stuff, making measurements, running errands and doing this and that. yes, we pretty much built Sin City Tattoos with our own hands. it's an awesome feeling knowing that things that you worked hard for is paying off. you get smart spending cash once you start generating your own money and everytime you spend on something makes every centavo worth giving away. from rags to a much better rag, we've been slowly upgrading our shop since kick off. all thanks to God whom we love and thankful, to clients whom we adore and cherrish, to friends and family whom we ask for support and lastly, Sin City Crew whom i care and have great times with. i raise my glass and say my thanks to all and wish our little Sin City Tattoos more success.

P.S. sorry about the disturbing picture. ahahaha. i just felt like uploading it. took this picture on our first anniversary party when a friend got shit-faced. ahahaha. awesome partae and we promise to have more fun times to come.;)

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